How to install IPTV on Smart TV ? ( Duplex Play )

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Install Duplex IPTV on your Smart TV :


This IPTV application available for many different operating systems and devices :

  • LG smart TV (WebOS) : available in the LG content store
  • Samsung TV (Tizen OS) : available in the Official Samsung App Store 
  • Windows and Xbox : Install from Windows store > Microsoft Store
  • Android and Android TV play store: Play Store
How to install iptv on smart tv

How Setup IPTV playlist in Duplex IPTV : 


Note your Device ID and Device Key


After installing application , Open it and you will see the Device ID and Device key (You can find it by choose activation tab too )Install Duplex IPTV .



Login into Duplex IPTV management portal

Navigate to and Enter Device ID and Device key you noted in step 1 , Then click on Manage Device Install Duplex IPTV.



Add XC Playlist

You can add playlist via both method M3u Link and Xtream connection , We recommend to connect via XC (xtream) playlist.

and Fill your Xtream connection details which you must give from us.

Enter Username , Password and Host (Server URL of xtream connection). Activate Captcha and click on Save.



Refresh Playlists in appication

Then back to Duplex IPTV application and choose Refresh to reload Playlists , Then the playlist name must appears;


how to use duplex play


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